"Designs for Living" has been a tagline for Prairie Scapes since our business started in 2004.    We provide landscape design consultations and full landscape design packages that provide you and your family the very best plans for developing your property.

Now, Scape-it - "Living your Design"
is set to revolutionize our landscape design services.

Our landscape is a place for certainty, a place for connection, a place for reflection and a place for growth.  It is who we are.  Scape-It™ promotes the philosophy of homeowners creating and developing their landscape.

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page updated August 5, 2017

Prairie Scapes, a.k.a. Scape-it (Scape-it Landscape Design and Consulting),  is working on internet based consulting.  This will be a service you can easily afford and will suit your busy schedule.  Visit us again soon to learn more.

In the meantime,  check out our blog - "The Weekend Warrior" to learn more about how Scape-it  can change your way of living.

A developed landscape can add 15-20 % to the value of your home.